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Hey guys. I'm Melanie and I'm a 18 year old girl from Germany.
I love a lot of things like music and films and stuff, but all in all I'm probably just a shy, normal teenager
"If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails.. Just leave it."
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My mama warned me about gurls like u

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Don’t Lie - Vampire Weekend

Old flames, they can’t warm you tonight
So keep it cool, my baby

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Daft Punk’s Original Helmet Sculptures

From Brian Cox, SFX designer:

A couple of interesting things in these original design notes: First, on Thomas’ helmet, you can see there were supposed to be a small set of “UV” meter LEDs on the collar. The mechanical collar idea never made it into the final product, so obviously this feature didn’t either, although the circuit and PCBs were fabricated and stuffed.

Funny but true: the ear piece is actually the bottom of a Pepsi can! Kind of obvious when you see it in the raw clay.

On Guy’s helmet, the original plan called for as many as ten colored segments. But practicality won out and we went with eight, since all our pre-designed chaser circuits were 8-bit.

The notes for Guy’s “UV” meter circuit board and other auxiliary light are nearly exact to the final product, including the “kill these” notes on the hidden LEDs.

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when u forget ur on post limit and u try to reblog something


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Me most of the year: Want that. Want that. Want that.
Me near my birthday & Christmas: I CANNOT THINK OF A SINGLE THING I WANT.

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